Moving in

Matching your expectations for your new home
We are happy to be able to offer you a new residence and we hope that you will be satisfied with it. Though our housing options are good, we often experience that new residents have higher expectations for their housing than what is met upon moving in.
We would therefore like to inform you that your appointed unit is not new. You may find that the unit bears marks of this, in an amount that is reasonable considering the age of the housing development.

You can expect that at the beginning of the rental the unit is in good and safe conditions; walls and ceilings will appear as newly renovated.
However, other parts of the unit including amenities, woodwork, floors, and technical installation may not be new or newly renovated. They will however be functioning and in good condition.

As residents you have limited opportunities to make changes and improvements in the residence and you must expect that previous residents have made changes in colors and amenities that you will not necessarily approve off. If you would like to make changes you are welcome to do them yourself.

It is also important that you are aware that the final cleaning after the renovation of the apartment, prior to you moving in, is not a thorough cleaning, but a cleaning up after the workmen.

Practical information upon moving in
After you have signed the lease and paid the required fees you may pick up your keys and laundrycard (if applicable) at your operating office.
Here a member of the staff will be able to assist you with additional information (for example: information related to cable, electricity, and heating utilities).

Walk-through Report
When you move in a walk-through report will be filled out by our inspector or caretaker. This ensures you will only be liable for damages done by your actions and not the actions of the previous residents. The time of the inspection will be decided when you receive your keys and must be done within two weeks of your move in date.

You must be present at the inspection and afterwards sign the walk-through report.

Necessary renovations and Damage List
At the handing-over of the home you will receive a form where you may list the problems and necessary repairs that you find in your unit. If you have serious damages and necessary repairs in the apartment it is within your rights to have them fixed if you mark them on the list and they are deemed legitimate maintenance issues.
The list must be handed over to the operating office no later than 14 days after moving in. An employee or inspector will then evaluate whether the damages are great enough to warrant a repair. The result of the evaluation will be added to your walk-through report.

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