Termination of lease

Termination of your lease must be in written form and signed. The spouse or partner is also required to sign the termination of the lease.
We advise that you contact Beboerservice to receive a termination form, which insures that you have provided the necessary and required information in order for Beboerservice to evaluate your termination of the lease.
The term of notice for family housing and elderly housing is 3 months. The start of the term of notice is from the 1stof the month.

Sub-letting of your unit may, at the earliest, begin at the 1stor 15th in a given month. However there may be a period of up to 3 months before the release from the rental contract is in place. The earlier we receive the termination of the lease, in relation to the day you wish to move out, the better chance we have to sub-let your unit out after you leave.

Inspection upon moving
Upon approval of your notice to terminate the lease we will set a date for inspection of the rental unit. You will be notified at least one week before the inspection and it will normally be at a time close to your actual move.

At the inspection your inspector will fill out an vacating report, which will clearly state the necessary work that will have to be done on the apartment; both in relation to the standard renovations and in relation to and necessary maintenance repairs.

A copy of the report will be handed over to the tenant upon completion of the inspection after the tenant signs a receipt. If the tenant is not present or is unwilling to sign the receipt, a copy of the report will be sent to the tenant no later than 14 days after the inspection.

The renovation of the apartment will be completed according to the housing department’s renovation regulations. Normally, the renovation period is 14 days. The vacating tenant is required to pay rent during the renovation period.

The standard renovation includes sufficient painting and papering of walls and ceilings as well as cleaning after the renovation.
The vacating tenant’s expense of the standard renovation is reduced by 1 % for every month that the tenant has lived in the apartment. This means that after 8 years and 4 months residency in the apartment, the housing department will pay the full expense of the standard renovation. This is applicable for all housing departments except department 50 – Bryggergårdsvej 1A and 1B – Student Housing, where the expense is reduced by 2 % for every month that the tenant has lived in the apartment.

If there are damages due to poor maintenance and these must be repaired or fixed by a renovation worker, then the full expense must be paid by the vacating tenant.

There are a few exceptions to the mentioned standard renovation regulation; this accounts for housing department 22 Toftevej, department 38 Sydvestervej 32-34, as well as department 53 and 54 Vestervej 19-25.
In these housing departments the tenants are under B-regulation, which means that the tenant is responsible for maintenance; including whitening, painting, papering of walls, and maintenance of floors.
Expenses in relation to the aforementioned responsibilities are covered by the balance of themaintenance account, which the tenantpays each month.
Maintenance is done upon request from the tenant and is done by the proprietor or tenant when the expenses may be covered by the balance of the maintenance account. Maintenance should occur frequently enough that the apartment does not deteriorate, except for normal wear.
Upon handing in a termination of the lease, the tenant may no longer manage the account.
The tenant is required to cover expenses of renovation and maintenance of damages that are the result of improper maintenance.  The tenant may no longer use the maintenance account to pay for repairs made to the unit by the tenant.

After the renovation is completed and all bills from the workmen have been received in relation to the renovation, we will send you the final settlement within a 4 week period.
The total expenses listed on the settlement bill may not exceed the total expenses listed on the vacating report by more than 10%.

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